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    "Cymmetria’s MazeRunner platform lets you dominate an attacker’s movements from the very beginning and lead them to a monitored deception network."

    I really like this product but after my first installation, I felt like I sort of rushed the process and I wanted to start over again.  With a fresh install, I headed over to the Responder monitor.  For those of you unfamiliar with, it's wicked fun if you're an attacker, and not so much fun if you're a defender.

    Even in situations where (you think) the environment is locked down, Responder might find a way.  If you want to see an example of one of those situations:  Domain Takeover with Responder, Runfinger, and Multirelay

    MazeRunner offers us an opportunity to deceive the attacker.  From the Story Wizard, we select Responder Monitor:

    We configure our decoy:

    When we're finished, we have our configured decoy:

    Here's the thing -- I've been playing around with this for a while now and I don't really care for the "Story" configuration.  If we kill that decoy and we create another from scratch, we can have something specific.  It's Burger King, have it your way:

    With our blank decoy, we add a service:

    I'm still learning how this product works but if you don't enable Resolve from Decoy, we create a system but it won't trigger an alert because it won't send out a request to Responder.  Configure it like I have above, create a fake Hostname but configure the IP address to the decoy.  You could have another decoy on the network and point to it but I just have it pointing back to itself and that works well.  

    When we're finished, we have a slightly scaled down version of the "Story" decoy:

    Once our decoy is active, we see it sitting happily on our dashboard:

    We fire up Responder:

    Moments later, it poisons our decoy and we see the alert on the dashboard:

    We also get an email alert:

    I've been working with a lot of honeypots, canary, and deception products lately but this one is the first I've seen with this feature.  That is a must have!

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