You go to a web site, you want to download something and you're required to give an email address, possibly to confirm you're a real person.  In most cases, I create an alternate SMTP address on my mailbox, acknowledge their message and then delete the address from my mailbox.  As an alternative, this site enables you to create any email address and receive messages which can be viewed through their site.  Be warned, EVERYONE can access this email so I would only use it in cases when the received mail is meaningless.

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Really not much to add other than I sometimes feel the need to remove the Windows Firewall from the equation when trying to troubleshoot a problem.

Launch a command prompt as the admin (right click, select run as administrator) and enter the following:

netsh advfirewall set AllProfiles state off

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If you work in the IT industry, you know regardless of whether or not the issue is on your end, you need to determine the location of the problem in order to prove your innocence.  ;)

When mail issues arise, we use:

There are quite a few options on their site but at the very least, you can see if a mail server is blacklisted.

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I work remotely through RDP more times than not and every once in a while, the bar at the top of the RDP session becomes unpinned.  It bugs me and no matter what I do, all of my connections moving forward open with the session unpinned. 

Here's where you can fix this issue:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal server Client

As shown above, the value should be changed from zero to one.

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Did you forget to enable RDP to only discover your mistake after you were remote to the machine?  Me too.  If you can get on the network, you can launch the registry editor and then point it to the remote workstation.  Change the following:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\fDenyTSConnections

Set the value from one to zero.

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If you've stumbled across this page, you know what a dream the CDP appliance can be for a backup and restore solution.  You also might be aware of what a pain it can be when the appliance gives you an error while you're attempting to remove some data or delete an agent.

After several calls to Sonicwall support for the same issue, I was finally given the method they use for solving this problem.

First, you need to install Putty.  It's free, you can download it from:

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